21 Questions About My Brother (WK 24) is a video posted by Bratayley channel. In this video, Annie and Hayley answered 21 questions about Caleb


21 Questions About My Brother (WK 24)

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Questions and answers

Q1: What is something Caleb always says to you ?

Annie : I wanna play baseball.

Hayley : Caleb wants bear (…) something mad.

Q2 : What makes Caleb happy ?

Annie : When he gets whatever he wants.

Hayley : Happy !

Q3 : What makes Caleb sad ?

Annie :

Hayley : Sad. What makes Caleb mad ?

Q4 : What does your brother make you laugh ?

Annie: By chasing me.

Hayley: Hahahaha, Laugh.

Q5: What was Caleb like as a baby?

Annie: He was quiet.

Hayley: Caleb was a baby, I hold him.

Q6: How old is he?

Annie: He is eight and a half

Hayley: Ehh… Two.

Q7: How tall is Caleb?

Annie: 4’8

Hayley: Big. I hear Caleb when he a baby.

Q8: What is his favorite thing to do?

Annie: Play baseball.

Hayley: Um. He likes drawing, and hugging dinosaurs.

Q9: What does Caleb do when you are not around?

Annie: Play at home.

Hayley: At the store and get some apples and grapes and ananas, and bananas.

Q10: If Caleb becomes famous, what will it be for?

Annie: Dance.

Hayley: Basketball.

Q11: What is your brother really good at?

Annie: Reading.

Hayley: Football. Yes, and what’s next?

Q12: What is he not very good at?

Annie: Gymnastics.

Hayley: Up, down.

Q13: When Caleb grows up, what will his job be?


Hayley: Grow up, like a flower.

Q14: What is Caleb’s favorite food?

Annie: (…) Teas?

Hayley: Um, bananas, some grapes, purple grapes, hmmm.

Q15: What makes you proud of your brother?

Annie: When he can make a handstand

Hayley: Blue, white.

Q16: If Caleb were a cartoon character, what would he be?

Annie: He would be another girl starfish.

Hayley: ???

Q17: What do you and Caleb do together?

Annie: Playing cards.

Hayley: Baseball. Flap flap flap flap.

Q18: How are you and Caleb the same?

Annie: We are sometimes both lazy.

Hayley: Um, that we are going to baseball.

Q19: How are you different?

Annie: He is bigger, I’m smaller

Hayley: No, I not a boy, I’m a girl. Caleb’s a boy.

Q20: Where is Caleb’s favorite place to go?

Annie: Texas. What is it? Texas Grillhouse, but it’s not here, is it??

Hayley: In Borney’s house.

Q21: How do you know your brother loves you?

Annie: Because he… talks to me.

Hayley: I love Hayley.

Music of the video

By Kevin MacLeod


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