1. Annie Leblanc is a singer and an actress.
  2. Annie is one of the main characters in Brat Studio's Chicken girls, and her character is Rhyme.
  3. She's also in Hotel de Loone, The Christmas Special, Mani, and Chicken Girls: The Movie.
  4. Annie started her singing career by doing a cover of Little do you know  with Hayden Summerall . Everyone thought they were dating then Annie kind of confirmed that she broke up with him on her extra Instagram, annieleblancxtra.
  5. Then Annie put out a cover of Fly. She then started to record her own music like Somebody's Heart , Ordinary Girl , Picture This , It's Gonna Snow, and Over Getting Over You.
  6. Annie has a younger sister, Hayley , who is 10 and Annie had an older brother, Caleb, but he passed away at 13.
  7. Annie lives with her mom, dad, sister, and three dogs Piper, Winnie, and Gigi.
  8. Annie is now dating a boy named Asher Angel. On Valentine's Day, he got her flowers that were around 300 dollars! Annie has posted many little videos of her and Asher on her story.
  9. Annie was born on December 5, 2004.
  10. Annie grew up in Maryland but then she kept on going back and forth from LA to Maryland. They eventually moved full time to LA. But there is a lot more about Annie Leblanc.
  11. Annie Leblanc had done gymnastics earlier in life.
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