Bratayley is the main channel of the Bratayley team.


This channel was intended to be made for Hayley, the youngest of the three kids, but as it got very popular they decided to have this as a family vlogging channel. They used to uploaded vlogs every week but they also decided to have it everyday. Not only did they make videos everyday for the viewers but also because their father was in the army so when he was away he could've seen what they were up to. Unfortunately, Caleb died at the age of thirteen but they kept vlogging and they said that they were going to enjoy lives and still miss Caleb but enjoy that they are living. Their number of subscribers also doubled.

The channel mainly features vlogs hosted by the popular trio, (Julianna)Annie, Caleb and Hayley. They upload vlogs everyday and these are numbered by the week they've made and the day of the week.

To celebrate the subscriber count, they usually upload videos that made them really messy and have a shoutout to whoever suggested it.

Series Edit

Bratayley Knows BestEdit

Bratayley Knows Best, abbreviated as BKB, are series of educational videos that are helpful in studies for Science. They used to upload these once a month on Wednesdays. but now they don't seem to do so as much.

Rockstar Lilly and Rockstar MollyEdit

This segment features Annie as Rockstar Lilly and Hayley as Rockstar Molly, playing various games and doing things that are fitting for them.

Associated ChannelsEdit

Other channels ran by the Bratayley family are:

  • The Arrow Faction - The channel where different people (mostly girls) are uploading their own vlogs of themselves. It was formerly named blazenoutlaws and flimzyarrow as it used to be Caleb's old personal channel before.
  • Annie LeBlanc - formerly named acroanna, it is Annie's personal channel where she uploads vlogs, music videos, and videos related to gymnastics. It is also where her YouTube Red series, We Are Savvy, are uploaded.
  • TruthPlusDare - The channel where they have to do a "truth" and a "dare" in every video. Besides the trio, their friends are also featured in this channel.
  • OMMyGoshTV - The channel where different people, again besides the trio, are uploading a vlog of themselves.
  • Hayley LeBlanc- formerly named elleoNyaH, it is Hayley's personal channel where she posts her gym meets and other random videos.
  • Dadtayley - It is a personal channel of Billy LeBlanc, the trio's father, where he uploads workout videos and vlogs.

OMMyGoshTV, TruthPlusDare, and The Arrow Faction all shutted down on December 2017.