Bratayley is a family that is strong and really awesome. #BRATAYLEY FOR LIFE.

let's make bratayley go to 7 million subbies you know for Caleb

And i'm sure Caleb is watching over Annie and Hayley and taking care of them everyday.

Life's short so live it to the {fullest} my word of advice.

Oh and let's make Bratayley get 1 million followers on instagram who's in? or is it just me? Hey who says it's impossible we can make the impossible possible (well even though it is possible)

so let's make them there own goals for 2016( these are some of my ideas)

YouTube goal: 7,000,000 subbies!!! ( this is not one goal for 2016)

Instgram goal: 1,000,000 followers!!!!

These are some of my ideas but if you have your'e own then put it in the comments bellow