Bratayley is a very popular YouTube channel. Starring Caleb, Annie, and Hayley. Caleb loves baseball.  Annie is awesome at gymnastics.  And Hayley is right behind Annie in gymnastics. Caleb is now 15 Annie is 12 and Hayley is now 9.They have about 4.5 million subscribers. On October 1st, 2015 at 7:08 PM, Caleb passed away(died).  His loving family is staying strong for him and was taking care of Caleb as much as they could.  Caleb was a very sweet and generous, funny, and loving boy.  He was very FUNNY!!  He could make everyone have a smile on their face.  Annie is a very sweet girl.  Her real name is Julianna.  Her nickname was Anna but, Caleb always used to call her Annie.  Annie is dating a boy named Hayden. BTW: VOTE FOR HANNIE, DO NOT VOTE FOR KAYDEN!!!  Hannie made a music video called Little Do You Know cover by Hayden Summerall and Annie LeBlanc.  Bratayley used to be Hayleys YouTube channel because BRAT+HAYLEY=BRATAYLEY!!  But it turned out to be there whole familys channel.  They have another YouTube channel called Dadtayley.  You should go subscribe to Annie's channel called Annie LeBlanc, Hayley's Channel called Hayley LeBlanc, Dadtayley and of course Bratayley!!  BTW: Annie or anyone from the LeBlanc family, I really want to meet you and be Annie's Best Friend Forever!  If any of this is not true, then just text me or email me.  My name is Bella Swanson.  My account is called coolbabygirl1235674 OR coolbabygirl1234675.  THANK YOU SO MUCH MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS, BRATAYLEY FAMILY OR LEBLANC FAMILY!! love ya!!!