Luna is a skewbald mare that the bratayley family purchased for Annie when they hit 4 million subscribers. Katie and Billy first started purchasing Luna in December 2016 when they first met her with Annie. Annie had not known that the horse was already purchased by her parents by the time they hit 4 million.

Luna is in the process of being trained by Amanda's mother due to the fact that Luna is too green to be ridden by a beginner rider such as Annie. Luna is currently 3, and is being trained with a bridle with a bit and an English saddle. She appears to have a figure-eight noseband on her bridle, which is most likely a snaffle bridle. Annie is learning to ride on a more reliable horse to get better at riding before she rides Luna.

Luna is probably under 14.2 hands, making her a pony. Her breed is unknown to viewers.

Luna so far has shown to be reasonably docile, and hasn't been shown to spooke from what the vlogs display. She has shown to be friendly and accepted a carrot from Annie when offered. Luna has only been featured in one vlog as of March 25 2017.


Annie and Luna in December 2016