Paige Danielle is a YouTube Star and is a social media star. Paige is also the second cousin of Caleb, Annie, and Hayley.

About Paige

Paige's grandmother and Caleb, Annie, and Hayley's grandmother are both sisters. She has been seen in numerous Bratayley vlogs. She was very close to Caleb, Annie, and Hayley. Paige has her own Youtube channel named Paige Danielle. She also has social media is the therealpaigedanielle, and her Snapchat is the realpaigedan. She only has Instagram and Snapchat and doesn't own any other social media. Paige posts makeup tutorials and vlogs, on her channel. She also posts beauty pictures, makeup pictures, and just pictures that are based on her life, and how she's doing on her social media. Paige has a little girl named Anthem James Tru, who was born on April 2nd, 2019.


Curtis Green- Paige was previously in a relationship with Curtis Green. She was pretty open about their relationship and would regularly post pictures of them together on her social media accounts. Curtis even featured in her videos. In September 2017, it was announced that they had got engaged. However, a couple of weeks after their engagement, she stopped posting pictures of them together, which had led to rumors that they had broken up. In December 2017, she eventually posted a video on her official account to reveal that she had ended their engagement. She had claimed that the decision to get married didn't feel right so they decided to separate ways.

She then started a relationship with Thurman Thomas III, together they have a baby girl named Anthem Tru. Paige is now happpily married to Thurman Thomas III

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