The Bratayley kids are very sweet and kind and super!! On October 1st, Caleb Logan passed away but Bratayley is still making videos. Bratayley was actually created for Hayley but was turned into a family channel. Currently, Bratayley is at more than three million subscribers. The name of the kids are Annie and Hayley. Annie 's age is 15 years old and Hayley is 11 years old. Annie used to be a level 9 gymnast and Hayley used to be in level 3 or 4. Annie's full name is Julianna Grace Leblanc and Hayley;s full name is Hayley Noelle Leblanc. Both girls have social media. Annie has Instagram and snapchat. Annie's instagram is annieleblanc and her snapchat is annie.leblanc. Hayley has instagram only. Her user is hayley.leblanc. Hayley has snapchat but its not public yet. Annie does dance but she haven’t gone to dance nor gymnastics due to the fact that she travels allot.

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